Samsung Pushes Ahead With Its Resolution Plans

Samsung Electronics plans to continue efforts to resolve issues in its years-long talks related to its factory workers stricken with industrial diseases despite growing challenges by Banolim, an advocacy group.

"Samsung's answer for the issue is a quick resolution," an official said Tuesday. "As announced, Samsung Electronics will implement improved precautionary measures at key manufacturing facilities and compensate the affected.

A key issue is that Samsung needs to focus on boosting competitiveness in the semiconductor business amid growing challenges by chief Chinese rivals.

The world's biggest memory chipmaker said it will invest 100 billion won to establish a company foundation to compensate its employees, and those who have worked for its suppliers, who have contracted illnesses while working in its semiconductor and display factories.

In addition to workers' compensation, money from the foundation will be used to pay for research and the development of methods to improve worker safety at Samsung factories.

The Samsung announcement meets conditions that were earlier recommended by a three-member committee led by a former justice, Kim Ji-hyung.

The committee's request to establish a public foundation and to allow the company's manufacturing facilities to be inspected by third-party members in certain situations cannot be accepted.

The Samsung Occupational Disease Family Committee, in talks with Samsung Electronics...

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