Instagram Using K-pop, E-sports to Draw Users

The rising influence of Korea's cultural content such as K-pop and e-Sports has quickly become a driving force to expand Instagram's global reach, said the CEO of the photo and video-sharing social network service, Monday.

"K-pop is not just a local phenomenon but a world phenomenon," Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said during a press conference in Facebook Korea's headquarters in southern Seoul.

The Instagram executive explained K-pop has been one of the most popular types of content on its platform for the past four years since 2015. K-pop music-related content has been especially popular on Instagram among countries such as Indonesia, the United States and Brazil, the firm said.

The CEO said he visited SBS TV's broadcasting station Sunday to watch the broadcasting firm's 'SBS Popular Song' a music program featuring K-pop musicians. "I met K-pop band Monsta X. They are pros at selfies," he said adding he posted photos on his Instagram account after meeting them.

Instagram is a social networking service specializing in sharing photos and videos. Though the firm didn't come up with the exact number of its users here, it has more than 1 billion accounts around the world.

Mosseri had worked for 10 years as a designer at Facebook, a parent company of Instagram, and was appointed CEO in October 2018. "Our mission is to connect with people and things we love. To do any of that, you need to fundamentally express yourself," he said.

Mosseri also said its Instagram Stories service has helped the firm expand rapidly. Introduced in 2016, the feature allows users to post videos or photos which stay on the users' accounts for 24 hours, then disappearing. Instagram said there are more than 5 million daily active users of the feature and the figure in Korea in December 2018 increased by 50 percent year-on-year.

The company also has been...

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