Importance of Cultura. Properties

By Lee Soo-yeon

A history of wars and colonial rule has seen our historical relics disappear Many of our cultural properties are now in other countries including Japan, the US and England. So, many people insist that we have to get them back.

However, I think that reclaiming our cultural properties is not our first priority. Of course, getting them back is a very important thing.

Then why isn't it our first priority? That's because of Korea's overlooking of its remaining heritages.

Although there is much valuable data, the Korean government doesn't value them properly and doesn't provide much support for studies.

For example, Seungjeongwon Ilgi, the documents of Seungjeongwon, the institution to administer the Joseon King's commands, are great documents and also have important value.

It's only lately that the government noticed their worth and supported research.

Despite this effort, the documents couldn't be translated into perfect Korean.

This is because of the ignorance of the past.

Although the government supported research institutions to translate it, they didn't have professional Korean translators who can do such a thing. Furthermore, practically, reclaiming our heritages are almost impossible thing.

In famous museums such as the Louvre, there are a lot of ancient Egypt's heritages.

Although Egyptians claim that they have to get their cultural properties back, they are still in the museums' galleries.

Some of you would say that like we recovered Jikjisimcheyojeol from France, we can get our heritages back...

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