Ex-wanna One Members Face Mixed Fate After Disbandment

Life doesn't always turn out the way you expect. This also holds true for celebrities.

When project group Wanna One disbanded last Dec. 31, 18 months after it was formed with 11 winners from CJ ENM reality show "Produce 101," its fans were busy guessing how each member's career would turn out.

Many were convinced that lead vocal Kang Daniel would have relatively smooth sailing in his post-Wanna One career because of his enormous popularity and fandom. But more than two months after the group's breakup, such speculation has turned out to be wrong.

Kang, who finished first in the "Produce 101" audition, is mired in a legal dispute with his agency LM, while runner-up Park Ji-hoon has become one of the most sought-after singers since he debuted as a solo artist.

"Park Ji-hoon will have his first solo album released through an online music streaming website on March 26," Maroo Entertainment announced on Thursday.

Following his successful Seoul fan meeting in February, Park's "2019 Asia Fan meeting in Taipei-First edition" earlier this month went well. His second Asian tour will be held over two days in Thailand.

Unlike Park, Kang has had some tough days. He is at odds with his new agency LM over the terms of their contract.

Kang changed his agency to LM Entertainment on Feb. 1 after his contract with MMO Entertainment expired.

Since then, Kang has been oddly quiet, until he recently spoke publicly about his dispute with the agency.

He reportedly hired high-profile lawyer Seon Moon-jong, who has extensive experience in lawsuits involving celebrities. Seon is said to be negotiating with the agency to settle the dispute.

Earlier, Kang sent a...

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