Ai-powered Cctv to Arrive Here

The nation's leading information and communication technology (ICT) research body has started developing closed circuit television (CCTV) combined with artificial intelligence (AI) features.

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) said Thursday that the AI-powered device will bring a paradigm shift in the security equipment industry by monitoring crime scenes and car accidents more efficiently.

For its development, the ETRI will take advantage of its core technologies - including deep learning and big data analysis - mainly used to keep track of data from suspects in a crime scene.

The AI-equipped imaging device will notify policemen of crime information in real-time, helping them track any suspects and evidence in a more intelligent way.

This will allow only a few safety officers to monitor tens of CCTV channels more accurately, according to the ETRI.

With the ETRI source technologies, the state-run organization also plans to develop what it calls intelligent "deep resolution" technologies mainly used for CCTVs at nighttime.

The ETRI also said it is developing a new technology to sound an alarm bell when a car accident occurs in less than three seconds. The development of the technology will be complete later next year.

The ETRI will conduct a pilot test for all the new AI-backed CCTVs on the nation's southern island city of Jeju from 2019. They will then be used in major parts of the nation, according to the research...

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